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Notes from the Editor on Everett Resources:


Significant Potential for Large Uranium Discovery in NM

Everett Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: EAR) (US Listing: EVRTF) holds the San Juan Uranium prospect located on the deeper portions of the San Juan Basin in the same host rocks as the Mount Taylor & Nose Rock discoveries. Everett's land package contains 25 radioactive anomalies in the same strata where Uranium was discovered in the past. The Department of Energy (DOE) believes this area has the most significant potential for large sandstone hosted uranium deposits than any other place in the Morison formation. The Grants Mineral Belt in the San Juan Basin Produced 336 MILLION POUNDS of uranium (more than any other district in the world) and the US DOE estimates that there's still ~239M pounds. In 1980 the DOE estimated the potential resources of the Westwater Canyon Member of the Morrison formation had the potential to produce 864,000 tons of Uranium, that’s 1.728M pounds of U3O8. Uranium from this region becomes progressively economical as the commodity price rises; if U3O8 was up over $110/lb this one particular property alone would likely justify a stock price for EAR.V over $2/share. Everett Resources is looking for a suitable JV partner to to aid in the exploration and development of their uranium prospect, an ideal partner would have deep enough pockets to spend between $5M and $8M.


Nickel & Gold Targeted at Poly-metallic Project with Chromite Resource in Quebec

The co-founder and past Chairman of Underworld Resources (recently purchased by Kinross) has a nose for gold, he is now part of the team at the helm of Everett Resources Ltd. This Q4 2010 EAR.V will be delineating drill targets and drilling where high value poly-metallic and precious metals showings appear at its recently acquired Menarik poly-metallic project located in NW Quebec, Canada. Limited drilling of short holes has returned promising results with encouraging gold-bearing intervals exceeding 1 g/t Au. Highlights include 7.0 g/t Au across 0.4 meter within a 2.8-meter interval grading 1.3 g/t; 3.0 g/t Au across 0.3 m within 2.4 meters grading 1.3 g/t Au; 3.7 g/t Au across 0.5 m; and 26.0 g/t Au across 0.24 m.  Planned Q4 2010 exploration efforts are considered to be exceptionally prospective for major gold and nickel discovery.


With only ~41M shares outstanding (~59M fully diluted) and trading under CDN$0.10 EAR.V appears poised for significant upside revaluation. [See full review further below]

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Archived Article December 31, 2010:


The Third Uranium Boom - based on October 2010 interview with Mark Steen

       Mark Steen knows uranium, besides receiving formal education at the Mackey School of Mines, he is the son of Charlie Steen whom is credited with making the first big uranium discovery in 1951 on the Colorado Plateau. He has had a long time interest in the geology of uranium ore deposits and the history of uranium exploration. As a result of his father’s discovery the Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona) area opened up and prospectors and geologists started looking for sandstone hosted uranium deposits throughout the Colorado Plateau.


The first uranium boom was the post WWII nuclear boom, second was the 60s & 70s utilities boom with plans to build more than 100 new reactors in the USA alone -- this ended with Three Mile Island.


Mr. Steen believes the third Uranium boom is in its infancy and about to usher in a wave of higher prices for the commodity as governments, utilities, and a growing chorus of green pundits around the world recognize nuclear power is the only hope for clean, reliable, and efficient energy.
Long Term Price Support for U3O8 will come from international competition for the commodity as a result of escalating nuclear programs in nations such as India and China. There are currently only 441 operational nuclear reactors worldwide and that number is expected to grow significantly within the next decade. According to the World Nuclear Association there are official plans in the works worldwide for 547 new reactors (either under construction, planned, or proposed), 182 of those new reactors are in China alone, 64 in India, 54 in Russia, 32 in the USA, and these numbers are expected to grow.
Rapid growth in number of reactors - price to follow

Figure A. Global commitment for new reactors either under construction, planned, or proposed. Click here for complete list broken down by country as of Q3 2010.

Mark Steen believes prices are destined to go over $100/lb for U3O8 within the near future; “Uranium prices should eventually stabilize around $110 – 120 per pound to meet the needs of all these new reactors.” Uranium Miner notes there is evidence of an acceleration in commitments internationally, the aforementioned 547 new reactors (either under construction, planned, or proposed) was only 137 reactors in mid-2005 (U308 was US$47.25/lb), 175 reactors in mid-2006 (U308 was US$47.25/lb), 320 reactors in mid-2007 (U308 was US$120/lb), 350 reactors in mid-2008 (U308 was US$64.50/lb), 450 in mid-2009 (U308 was US$47/lb). Mark Steen also sees the upcoming midterm elections in the USA as providing impetus for higher prices "The upcoming elections will likely help drive up the price of uranium; Congress needs to have a rational pro nuclear energy policy. It is already happening in Europe and Asia. This will encourage the utilities to step up the construction of new reactors and the USA will be on the road to energy independence in terms of clean electricity.”  Click here for historic market price of U3O8. See complete breakdown by country for reactors and uranium required here.
Focusing on the western extension of the Grants Uranium Mineral Belt for the next big uranium discovery
As a result of Mark Steen’s father’s discovery, geologists started looking for uranium elsewhere on the Colorado Plateau and exploration soon lead to the discovery of the Grants Uranium Mineral Belt in New Mexico . The Grants Uranium Mineral Belt produced more uranium between 1951 and 1980 than any other uranium district in the world. It produced more than 336M pounds of Uranium from 134 properties. The Grants Uranium Belt extends for 93 miles in length. The maximum width of the belt is 24 miles, but most of the uranium ore deposits are located within a 5 – 15 mile wide zone within the belt. The Department of Energy (DOE) estimated that there's still ~239M pounds of U3O8 for the taking from the belt and potential for substantially more. The uranium deposits are found at increasing depth from west to east. Early exploitation on the Grants Uranium Mineral Belt was the relatively shallow deposits in the western portion; however major uranium discoveries were made in the deeper regions to the east during the 1970s. During this same time, exploration in the deeper portions of the San Juan Basin discovered several significant uranium deposits.



Where to look for major discovery potential: Encouraged by deeper exploration in the Grants Mineral Belt, the DOE drilled 15 holes north of the main belt. Following this drilling program, the DOE estimated the resource potential of this area to be 380,000 tons of uranium (that’s 760M pounds). Mark Steen was responsible for staking unpatented mining claims in this area. The most prospective are now controlled by Everett Resources. In 1980, the DOE estimated the potential resources of the Westwater Canyon Member of the Morrison formation had the potential to produce 864,000 tons of Uranium, that’s 1.728M pounds of U3O8. According to Mark Steen “Everett’s claims are in elephant country, if you are going on safari for big uranium deposits, this is where you go. No other area in North America has the potential that the deeper portions of the San Juan basin have for major discoveries. No doubt there is a tremendous potential here, and we know from our follow-up research there is uranium below our [Everett Resources'] claim groups.”


ISR technology overcomes issue of recovery at depth: Large uranium deposits in the deeper portions of the San Juan Basin are not hindered by depth since the advent of in-situ recovery (ISR) technology. The in-situ process uses injection and extraction wells to circulate water through the ore body (Bonus: your discovery holes often become your production wells), removing the uranium, but leaving the rock undisturbed. The native groundwater has a sodium bicarbonate solution similar to club soda added to it. Gaseous oxygen is also added to mobilize the uranium, which is then "washed" from the sand grains by the carbonate. Once the solution is brought to the surface ISR uses the same technique as that of a home-based water softener, except on a much larger scale, to remove the mineral from solution to make yellow cake and the water is then recirculated.

ISR has been successfully used in the USA for over 20 years now. In west Texas, Uranium Resources Inc. (URI) has produced over 7 million pounds of U3O8 and also is active with ISR in New Mexico, where the State Engineer approved the company’s application and granted sufficient water rights for the life of the Crownpoint ISR project. URI has been approved for ISR in the same host rock and approximately the same depth as where Everett Resources Ltd. would be looking for uranium.


Where Mark Steen Sees Opportunity
JV partner sought to secure major uranium discovery potential


Mark Steen is involved with Everett Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: EAR) (US Listing: EVRTF) which holds his best ground situated in the deeper portion of the San Juan Basin.

Everett's land package contains several radioactive anomalies in the same strata where uranium was discovered in the past. “Gama ray logs indicate the uranium is there, the belt of mineralization runs from the NW to the SE. So EAR.V needs to drill on strike and along the trend to delineate the deposit. EAR.V can then use the same discovery drill holes for production; they could be the injection holes. These would be circled with recovery holes. ISR only works if you have the right conditions; EAR.V has the right conditions in terms of the sandstone host rocks, the porosity, and thickness for a huge discovery and successful production. EAR.V has some very good ground. These can be extremely rich deposits, they can run for miles in strike length and there is no reason we can’t anticipate ore grades similar to that which was produced in the past. What we are looking for is a JV partner that likes the concept and wants to get in on the ground floor of a major uranium play just before the price of uranium takes off again.”


In looking at the potential it helps to recognize that the biggest elephant that anyone has ever discovered in the Grants Mineral Belt occurred in 1968 with the discovery of ore grade uranium at the Mt. Taylor deposit at a depth of 2700 feet. The Mt. Taylor deposit extends for 5 miles along strike and contains more than 100M pounds of Uranium with an average grade of.20% U3O8. Significantly, more than 40M pounds of uranium are contained in ore that grades .50% U3O8. This is extremely high grade ore for a sandstone hosted uranium deposit.


Below is insight into both of Everett Resources' properties:


------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------

Everett Resources Ltd.. (TSX-V: EAR)


       Everett Resources Ltd. is a Canadian-based mineral exploration mining company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (ticker symbol EAR) (US Listing: EVRTF). The Company has come to our attention due, in part, to the exceptional opportunity afforded shareholders as EAR.V has  high value gold and nickel targets at its Menarik poly-metallic property in Quebec which are the subject of Q4 2010 exploration. EAR.V also has a uranium project of significance in the Grants Uranium Belt, New Mexico.


1) San Juan Uranium property, New Mexico - 100% Ownership interest

On the deeper portions of the San Juan Basin in the same host rocks as the Mount Taylor & Nose Rock discoveries  


Figure 4. Location Map Everett Resources San Juan Uranium Property

       Everett Resources has 100% ownership interest in the San Juan Uranium property via option to acquire from Big Sky Uranium Inc. The Property consists of 497 claims and 65 state lease applications, encompassing an area of ~10,000 acres of the in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico. This is a highly prolific region accounting for more than 336 million pounds of uranium production between 1956 to 1980.


Highly prospective for major discovery

The EAR.V San Juan Uranium property is in the deeper portions of the San Juan Basin, where geologists in the 1970s generally agreed was a likely place to discover major uranium deposits. The Grants Mineral Belt in the San Juan Basin Produced 336 MILLION POUNDS of uranium (more than any other district in the United States). The uranium ore in the Grants Belt occurs in the Morrison sand stone formation. It is believed that more than 239 MILLION POUNDS of uranium remains in place at the Grants Mineral Belt (this is the largest unmined uranium resource in the United Sates). The previous historical production from the Grants district was 52,250,000 tones of uranium ore at an average grade of 0.22%. This equates to 40% of all the uranium produced in the continental U.S. The Department of Energy (DOE) believes this area has more significant potential for large sandstone hosted uranium deposits than any other place in the United States.


Everett's San Juan Property contains 25 radioactive anomalies in the same strata where Uranium was discovered in the past

Geologists at Everett were fortunate to have obtained data from previous operators during the 1960s and the 1970s; a large percentage of the land was previously explored by major uranium companies including Exxon, Mobil, Getty, Conoco, Phillips, Chevron, and the Gulf Oil Company.


Figure 5. 3D Cross section / Morrison Formation


Everett's geologist completed a 3D model and study on over 200 previously drilled oil wells revealing 25 radioactive anomalies located in the Morrison sand stone formation on the San Juan Uranium property. This is the same sandstone formation where uranium was found in the past. As a result of this study, the land was located and held for future exploration. To date this exploration has yet to be performed however it is believed that the ground could contain multiple uranium deposits similar to the 69 MILLION POUND deposit (historic data non 43-101 compliant) discovered by Phillips Petroleum in the Nose Rock area, and the 100 MILLION POUND ore deposit developed by Gulf Minerals at Mount Taylor.



Figure 6 & 7. Everett Resources ground work on San Juan Uranium property


Everett Resources is looking for a suitable JV partner to aid in the exploration and development of their uranium prospect, an ideal partner would have deep enough pockets to spend between $5M and $8M.


2) Menarik poly-metallic property, Quebec - 50% ownership interest via option to earn

Gold and Ni+Cu ± (Pd+Pt) targets  VMS targets  Chromite resource already established


Figure 2. Menaril property Click to enlarge Map shows selected values of poly-metallic and precious metals showings along with location of chromite zones.

       Everett Resources' Menarik property, a contiguous group of 67 claims totalling area of 3,062 hectares, is located in northwestern Quebec, approximately 45 kilometers to the south east of the town of Radisson, an area with good roads, water, and power. Menarik is a mineral rich poly-metallic property with five different types of mineralization identified.

Figure 3. EAR.V Core from Cr2O3 resource

The challenge in a rich poly-metallic project is to focus on the target with the highest potential. To date, since the 1980s the vendor, ProOr, incurred expenditures of ~$6,900,000 on the Property defining a chromte resource and establishing high value gold and nickel targets/zones that need to be explored. At the time it made sense to concentrate on the Chromite as until the Ring of Fire discoveries only a few years ago this property was one of the only known resources of Chromite in Canada. Everett Resources' Menarik property contains a 43-101 compliant measured & indicated Chromite resource of 6.2M metric tons grading 7.69% Cr2O3. In addition the property has the advantage of good infrastructure and Pro-Or has a proprietary process to extract the platinum group metals and concentrate the Chromite. However it is in the poly-metallic (nickel, copper and Platinum Group Metals PGM's) and precious metals showings where it appears the Menarik property is really poised to shine. The 2009 exploration program affirmed the potential with sixteen new sulphide mineral showings with significant values of gold, copper, and silver, in addition to numerous nickel-copper targets. The stage is now set such that the next round of exploration efforts are highly prospective for major gold and nickel discovery.


Everett Resources has come into 50% ownership of Menarik as Pro-Or is focused on its technology; Pro-Or sought out Everett Resources to advance the property -- for Everett to earn its 50% interest in the property it will incur $5,000,000 in exploration and development work on the Property.


Mining MarketWatch Journal contacted Clive Massey and geologist Bob Weicker at Everett Resources about the Menarik property's potential and they both agreed the poly-metallic and precious metals showings were very prospective with excellent near term discovery potential. Mr. Weicker offered the following recommendation on how Everett's exploration and drilling campaign would be applied "For the nickel targets it is proposed to complete a VTEM (Versatile Time Domain Electro-Magnetics) geophysical program, which is an widely used, efficient geophysical program that is used in the Ring of Fire and other parts of the world that have lead to new discoveries. The objective is for the VTEM program to indicate anomalies that correlate with the current nickel drill intersections and to indicate other drill targets. The fall program will also test multiple gold targets on various parts of the property." Clive Massey noted that on the gold targets there's a few shallow holes in some of them and directed us to the values summarized in Everett & Pro-Or's joint release dated Sept. 23, 2010 entitled "Sixteen New Showings From 2009 Program on the Menarik Property (James Bay)"; Excerpts:


Highlights of the 2009 program include sixteen new sulphide mineral showings with significant values of gold, copper, and silver, in addition to numerous nickel-copper targets.

Mr.Yvon Bussieres senior geologist for the project recommends the following and outlines future objectives below:

Intrusive related gold mineralization – to date, expanded by the 2009 program, approximately 70 surface gold showings and geochemical anomalies have been located in the Duncan tonalite and dykes of gabbro, located north and east of the ultramafic complex, which host the chromite mineralization. Gold mineralization is associated with quartz veining trending north-northeast and north-northwest. Limited drilling of short holes has returned promising results with encouraging gold-bearing intervals exceeding 1 g/t Au. Highlights include 7.0 g/t Au across 0.4 meter within a 2.8-meter interval grading 1.3 g/t; 3.0 g/t Au across 0.3 m within 2.4 meters grading 1.3 g/t Au; 3.7 g/t Au across 0.5 m; and 26.0 g/t Au across 0.24 m.

Ultramafic related Nickel-Copper ± Palladium-Platinum mineralization - A dozen showings mineralized with Ni+Cu ± (Pd+Pt) were originally discovered in the ultramafics by surface prospecting. Since then, more than 60 drill sample intervals grading at least 1% Ni-equivalent (i.e. %Ni + 1/3 %Cu) have been found. Many of these belong to two coherent mineralized bodies that have been only partly explored. One of them, identified as Ni97 and located in a secondary ultramafic mass west of the main intrusion, contains indicated 43-101 resources of 1.1 million metric tons averaging 0.38% Ni and 0.15% Cu, as estimated by Mr. Bussières, with interpreted true widths varying between 11 and 43 meters. 

VMS Targets - Gold and base metals associated with felsic volcanics (rhyolite) - To investigate four new showings of copper including a 4-metre thick rhyolite unit with up to 20% chalcopyrite and three showings of gold. All these showings are hosted in rhyolite units and are prospective for volcanogenic massive sulphide mineralization. A 26 km Induce Polarization (I.P.) survey was completed in 2009 over part of this sector north of Menarik lake and detected many chargeability anomalies that were found to be associated with surface showings or geochemical concentrations of these metals. To date thirteen mineral showings occur on the axes of a chargeablity IP anomaly. In exploratory holes drilled under the lake on an EM anomaly, zones of rhyolite exceeding 10 meters with anomalous Zn and Cu were intersected and one of them contained a 5.3-meter quartz vein bearing 1.9 g/t Au over 2.4 meters.

Mr. Bussières report recommends an aggressive 18,400 meter drilling program to be executed in two different zones, approximately 10,000 m to define the new VMS base metal, gold and Ni+Cu ± (Pd+Pt) targets and 8400 meters on the previously discovered Chromite zones.


Noteworthy Comparisons

We note Pro-Or being intimately familiar with the highly prospective nature of the findings at Menarik to date draws parallels between a number of other deposits:

The chromitite formations are similar to the South African Archean stratiform orebodies (Bushveld complex UG2 horizons).


The massive sulphides are similar to the South African Bushveld complex Merensky reef and to Labrador's Voisey's Bay formation.


The Ni-Cu concentrations in the altered zones look like Ontario's Armit Lake property.


The gold showings are similar to the Cadillac-Larder Lake Archean gold deposits and the mineralized felsic volcanics are similar to Noranda's Horne Mine.


The indicators are clearly present for Everett Resources to hit a home run in Q4 2010, the inherent value of Everett Resources' Menarik poly-metallic property is potentially immense and not yet reflected in the current market cap of EAR.V, this should change as recent (and upcoming) developments are digested and appreciated by the market place.


Everett Resources' Management & Technical Leadership:  Skip to top

The current board of directors has a well rounded combination of people that each contribute expertise in disciplines necessary for a successful mining entity:


Mike Williams, Chairman and Director

Mr. Williams is the co-founder, President and CEO of Full Metal Minerals, co-founder and past Chairman of Underworld Resources Ltd. and also a Director and Advisor to several mining exploration companies. He was previously Vice President of Atna Resources Ltd., as well as co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Underworld Ltd. and has provided public relations counsel to various sectors including mining.

Mike Waggett, President and Director
Mr. Waggett was the Vice President of Waggett Electric and has been a Director of a number of publicly listed companies - United Compass, Curion Ventures, Copper Creek and Minera Capital. Mr. Waggett was a Director of Uranium Power Corp. and is currently President of Everett Resources Ltd..

Douglas Eacrett LLB, CA., Director
Mr. Eacrett is currently a practicing corporate and securities lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia and has over ten years experience as an officer and/or director of a number of publicly traded companies listed on the Exchange.


Clay Desjardine B.Com. CA., Director
Mr. Desjardine has worked for Deloite and Bain & Co investment bank and for HSBC in various capacities including area financial controller for Japan and Hong Kong. He subsequently worked with Deutsche Bank as head of risk management and global risk for Europe and then COO, Global Credit Products, New York. He left Deutsche Bank in 2004 as Head of Loan Trading and moved to Vancouver where he is still active in the financial markets.


Barry Brown, Director
Since 1978, Mr. Brown has been President of Barry Developments Ltd., a wholly owned private company involved in the organization, reorganization and management of public and private companies. Mr. Brown has over 25 years of experience as a director and/or officer of a number of junior resource companies listed on the Exchange and is the founder of the Company.


Andre Pauwels, P.Geo, Director
Mr. Pauwels is a geological consultant with over 30 years of successful experience in all phases of exploration for gold and base metals in Canada and internationally. He was an Exploration Manager for Cominco Ltd. for twenty years and prior to that held positions as a senior geologist with Bethlehem Copper Ltd. and Union Miniere.


Robert F. Weicker, Geological Advisor
Mr. Weicker holds a Bachelor of Science, Honours degree from The University of Waterloo, is an accredited Professional Geologist, has authored or co-authored prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, assessment reports, valuation studies, 43-101 reports (both domestically and internationally) and written technical reports and reviews for the TSX-Venture and AIM exchanges. He has held positions with several major mining companies and many junior mining companies. Mr. Weicker has gained invaluable management experience through his various roles in the past. Mr. Weicker’s many accomplishments include aiding in the development and subsequent production of the largest gold mine in Canada, as well as the development of an open pit zinc operation, an underground gold mine, and numerous other exploration projects in the precious and base metal sectors.


Note: The above is not intended to be a complete overview of Everett Resources Ltd., Mining MarketWatch urges the reader to contact the subject company and has identified the following sources for information on Everett Resources Ltd.:


For more information contact Everett Resources' head office at: Ph 1.877.669.2151

Company's web site: http://www.everettresources.com      SEDAR Filings: URL



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Dec 6 Tigris Uranium Accelerates Uranium Program; Appoints Mr. Joe Harrington to Advisory Board - Co News

Dec 6 China finds new uranium deposit in Inner Mongolia - Tibetan

Dec 6 Russians to gain US uranium foothold (5th note down) - Cityam

Dec 5 Uranium Needs More of a Pullback - Pierce

Dec 3 Russia to secure global uranium supplies with a new fuel bank - R.article

Dec 3 BHP on track with Olympic Dam project - FN

Dec 3 Jourdan Resources Inc. Announces $1.7 Million Private Placement Financing - Co News

Dec 3 Cameco boosts dividend 43% on uranium outlook - V.Sun

Dec 2 Cameco Significantly Increases Dividend for 2011 - Co News

Dec 2 Fission Energy Corp. Completes $13 Million Bought Deal Private Placement - Co News

Dec 2 NRC approves uranium license transfer in Wyoming - News

Dec 1 Bannerman Advances Etango Feasibility Study & Provides Interim Project Update - Co News

Dec 1 Uranerz Enters Into Financing Agreement With Haywood - Co News

Dec 1 A high-risk play on the new uranium boom - Money Wk

Dec 1 Uranium Price Hits 2 Year High, URZ Doubles in a Month - J.Handwerger

Dec 1 Energy Fuels acquires land near idled uranium mine in Utah in return for data - CP

Dec 1 Pancon/Crossland Announce Initial Uranium Drill Results From the Charley Creek Project, NT Australia - Co News

Dec 1 Uranium on the move - Aust. WSJ

Dec 1 Bannerman looking for Namibia uranium project partner - BannermanMWk

Dec 1 Qatar investment in Areva hangs in balance - Util.

Nov 30 Xemplar Energy Corp.: High Grade Uranium Values on Namibian Property - Co News

Nov 30 Southern Andes Energy Inc. Announces Private Placement - Co News

Nov 30 Energy Fuels Expands Uranium Property Position Adjoining Energy Queen Mine - Co News

Nov 30 Hathor Upgrades Mineral Resource Estimate for Roughrider Uranium Deposit to 28 M lbs U3O8, Including High Grade Zone of 24 M lbs at 11.7% U3O8 - Co News

Nov 30 Rum Jungle Uranium Limited (ASX:RUM) Exploration Update 30th November 2010 - ABN

Nov 29 Uranium Hits Highest Since Aug. 2008 on China Demand - Bloomberg

Nov 29 Special Report: Nuclear's lost generation - Reuters

Nov 29 Can Uranium Continue Its Hot Streak? - Motley

Nov 29 Vena Files NI 43-101 Report for Macusani Uranium Project in Peru - Co News

Nov 29 Bruno del Ama: Smart Money Flocking to Uranium - RI

Nov 29 Southern Andes is among Canadian companies seeking uranium in Southern Peru - StkH

Nov 29 The question: should nuclear energy power our future? - SMH

Nov 29 Kirrin Resources Q3 2010 Report: Advances Uranium and Rare Earth Element Project Exploration - Co News

Nov 29 Russia in search of uranium in Armenia and U.S. - News

Nov 29 Another nuclear reactor goes critical in India - PakO

Nov 26 Strateco Recieves Strong Support at Public Hearings on the Matoush Uranium Project - Co News

Nov 26 Fortum and Rosatom agree to cooperate - WNN

Nov 25 Athabasca Uranium Announces $2.2 Million PP - Co News

Nov 25 Cameco Corp. - A nuclear-powered market rocket - G&M

Nov 25 U3O8 Corp. Intersects 30.7 Metres at 0.06% (1.2 Pounds Per Short Ton) U3O8 at Aricheng C in the Kurupung Project, Guyana - Co News

Nov 25 Purepoint Uranium Group Inc: Completes Airborne Survey at Umfreville North and South Newnham Projects - Co News

Nov 25 Russian-Venezuelan nuclear cooperation agreement comes into force -  Article

Nov 25 Discernable Trends in Uranium Despite Market Volatility - Aeticle

Nov 24 Laramide Reports Results from Drilling at Westmoreland - Co News

Nov 24 Pitchstone Closes Flow-Through Financing - Financing Increased to $1,630,000 - Co News

Nov 24 Cameco Signs Supply Agreement With China Guangdong Nuclear Power - Co News

Nov 24 Cameco shares soar after company inks long-term deal to supply uranium to China - CP

Nov 24 Miner downplays water use - AuBC

Nov 23 Spot uranium prices continue to slowly rise, despite few deals - Platts

Nov 23 Ontario to Spend $85 Billion to Boost Use of Nuclear, Wind, Solar Energy - Bloomberg

Nov 23 India Uranium Demand Offset By Russian Joint Ventures - RIN

Nov 23 Uranium Trying To Breach US$60/pound - 9msn

Nov 23 Uranium Seen as the Next Big Thing - RI

Nov 23 Uranerz Receives Draft NRC Materials License for Nichols Ranch ISR Project - Co News

Nov 23 CanAlaska Hires Senior Geophysical Consultant - Co News

Nov 23 Cue Resources Ltd. Commences Drilling on the San Antonio Uranium Deposit - Co News

Nov 22 Uranium set to beat gold? - commodity Online

Nov 22 China nuclear program boosts uranium producers - SteelG

Nov 22 African Eagle sells uranium assets to Australia’s Jacana - CMMWk

Nov 22 Cameco moves on Kintyre uranium project - TW

Nov 22 Ezulwini Mining Operations Resume - YNN

Nov 22 Russia offers India joint ventures for uranium mining - DNAIndia

Nov 19 UEC Launches First New ISR Uranium Mine in U.S. in 5 years - NucStNews

Nov 19 Strategic Resources Provides Activity Update - Co News

Nov 19 Marmota Energy identifies high grade uranium mineralisation at Saffron Prospect - PAI

Nov 18 Production start for Texan uranium - WNN

Nov 18 Full steam ahead for nuclear shipping - Co News

Nov 18 Uranium Energy Corp Begins Production at Palangana ISR Project - Co News

Nov 18 Gas Hills Uranium District, Wyoming: Strathmore Updates 2010 Permitting Activities Including Monitor Well Installation, Core Drilling, Geotechnical Drilling, Pit Definition and Extension Drilling - Co News

Nov 18 Paladin Energy-Takeover Bid for NGM Resources Limited - Co News

Nov 18 Pacific Bay Regains 100% Control of Key Claims in Active Cerro Solo Uranium Camp, Chubut, Argentina - Co News

Nov 18 Africa's uranium producers stand to benefit as world reins in carbon emissions - Christian Science Monitor

Nov 18 Vatskalis defends Alice uranium mine opposition - AuBC

Nov 18 Deep Yellow meets high-grade uranium mineralization in Namibian project - EBR

Nov 17 Uranium: The Worst Reason to Buy It, The Perfect Stock to Buy - McElroy
Nov 17 Uranium Causing A Reaction - msn9

Nov 17 When Uranium Outshines Gold - NY Times

Nov 17 Uranium makes more gains - IF&P

Nov 17 Terra Acquires Option on Uranium Property Adjoining Denison's Wheeler River Property - Co News

Nov 17 CanAlaska Briefs Shareholders on 2010-2011 Corporate Developments - Co News

Nov 17 Solitaire Minerals Corp. Options its Uranium Properties Adjoining Denison's Phoenix High-Grade Uranium Discovery, Athabasca Basin - Co News

Nov 17 More to come from uranium prices - FitzGerald

Nov 16 First Uranium: 1 dead in mining accident - News

Nov 16 Uranium ETF for the Nuclear Trade - The Street

Nov 16 Uranium's resurgence - John Licata

Nov 16 Focus shifts from potash to uranium - G&M

Nov 16 CanAlaska Files 43-101 report for Carswell Project - Co News

Nov 16 Uranium junior gets more interest as prices rise - Mining Weekly

Nov 16 In Japan, a glimpse into a possible nuclear energy future - Calif. Watch

Nov 16 CNNC plans 2015 overseas uranium output of 2,500 T - Reuters

Nov 16 Uranium Demand Rising as China `Piles Up' Contracts, Paladin Energy Says - Bloomberg

Nov 16 Fission J-Zone High Grade Mineralization Extended 15m to East Step-Out Hole Intersects 6m of 4.45% U308 Including 3m of 8.54% U308 - Co News

Nov 16 Energy Fuels Submits Final Regulatory Agency Responses for Pinon Ridge Mill License Application - Co News

Nov 16 Uranium One down 4% as Credit Suisse downgrades it to Neutral, but raises target price by $1.10 - MNT

Nov 16 Protesters voice BHP uranium concerns - AAP

Nov 15 Uranium miner says US slow to realize supply crunch ahead - Platts

Nov 15 Nuclear Industry Can Lead a Revival in Skilled Labor and Manufacturing in the United States - Energy Collective

Nov 15 Uranium One narrows third-quarter loss on 240 per cent increase in sales - CP

Nov 15 Paladin Energy Chief Executive Borshoff Says Demand for Uranium Escalating - Bloomberg

Nov 15 Uranium Resources’ NRC License Upheld as United States Supreme Court Denies Petition - Co News

Nov 15 Uranium One Announces Record Sales of 1.7 Million Pounds and Lower Cash Costs - DJournal

Nov 15 Southern Andes Energy Inc.'s New Uranium Discovery at Accocucho Sur, Peru - Co News

Nov 15 First Uranium announces financial results for the three and six months ended September 30, 2010 - Co News

Nov 15 Khan Responds to NEA Published Statements Concerning its Licenses - News (Related article from Moscow Times)

Nov 14 Virginia Uranium Study Gets Underway - TEC

Nov 12 Mawson Completes Initial Field Program at the Rompas Gold-Uranium Discovery in Finland - Co News

Nov 12 Xemplar updates on Namibian uranium exploration program - EBR

Nov 12 Uranium Shares Spike After Cameco Report - IndieResearch

Nov 12 Pele Mountain Resources: Excellent Leverage to Uranium & Rare Earth Elements - Pump by Weaver

Nov 12 Uranium Miners Surging -- Is There Room Left to Run? The Bedford Report Provides Analyst Research on Global X Uranium ETF & Denison Mines - Co News

Nov 11 Powertech Uranium lawsuit: Cleaning groundwater too expensive, burdensome - Colo

Nov 11 Profit From Uranium - WR

Nov 11 Australia set to supply Russia with uranium - WNN

Nov 11 NWT Uranium Corp’s 34% Owned Niger Uranium Announces Joint Venture Agreement - RI

Nov 11 Foreign firms eye local nuclear power dev't - POC

Nov 10 Drilling by Energy Fuels' JV "Arizona Strip Partners" Confirms Use of Geophysical Techniques to Locate Breccia Pipes - Co News

Nov 10 Nuinsco Begins Drilling at Diabase Peninsula Uranium Project - Co News

Nov 10 Predictions Australia could be world's leading uranium producer - AuBC

Nov 10 Uranium spot price jumps to US$58.50 - IF&P

Nov 10 Mega Provides Update on Exploration in Cameroon: Drill Intersections in the Salaki Prospect Include 3.7m @ 0.13% U3O8, 3.2m @ 0.11% U3O8 and 2m @ 0.11% U3O8 - Co News

Nov 10 Mantra: Resources Infill Drilling Program Completed with Results Further Demonstrating Coninuity - Co News

Nov 10 Denison Mines Encounters High Grade Uranium Potential at Wheeler River Project - AZOmining

Nov 9 Uranium prices on the upswing after long lull - Globe and Mail

Nov 9 TradeTech Uranium Spot Price Reaches US$57.50 - TradeTech Pump

Nov 9 Sprott Resource Corp. Agrees to Join Virginia Energy as Strategic Partners in Coles Hill Uranium Project - Co News

Nov 9 Denison Announces Initial Resource Estimates at the Wheeler River Uranium Project - Co News

Nov 9 Forsys Announces Initial Results From Its 2010 Namibplaas Drilling Program - Co News

Nov 9 Traders Go Nuclear on China Uranium Reports - WSJ

Nov 9 Cameco profit falls but, shares rise - MineWeb

Nov 9 Uranium Supplier Cameco Increasing Production With Eye on Asian Markets, an Industrial Info News Alert - Co News

Nov 9 Strateco Discovers Matoush-Style Fault Structure on Pacific Bay Claims - Co News

Nov 8 GoviEx Uranium Announces Positive Results of Preliminary Economic Assessment of Mine Planned at Company's Madaouela Project in Niger - Co News

Nov 8 Xemplar Provides Update on Namibian Uranium Exploration - Co News

Nov 8 Uranium Resources, Inc. Provides Third Quarter 2010 Update - Co News

Nov 8 Forsys Announces Initial Results From Its 2010 Namibplaas Drilling Program - Co News

Nov 8 Cameco Reports Third Quarter Earnings - Co News

Nov 8 Uranex starts drilling at Bremer Basin Uranium Project in Western Australia - Co News

Nov 8 Uranium Price Powering Ahead and Likely Has Further to Go - MetalMiner

Nov 5 White Canyon Uranium Limited: Initial Drilling at Lark Royal Project Hits 8' of 0.21% U308 - Co News

Nov 5 Global X Launches Uranium ETF - Dutram

Nov 4 Playing the uranium renaissance - BNN

Nov 4 First Uranium-Mining ETF to Trade in New York, Global X Says - Bloomberg

Nov 4 Uranium ETF Set To Launch Friday - Barrons

Nov 4 Uranium Resources, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent for Exploration Agreement with Cameco Resources to Explore Texas Properties - Co News

Nov 4 TradeTech Uranium Spot Price Climbs 11% to US$52.00 - Co News

Nov 3 Uranium Resources Popped: What You Need to Know - Motley Fool

Nov 3 EMA reports positive outcome of Ambassador uranium scoping study - MineWeb

Nov 3 EMA puts $260m cost on WA uranium mine - WABN

Nov 3 Uranium spot price firms up further as October shows strength - IF&P

Nov 3 Mindax identifies high grade Uranium up to 0.63% U3O8 at Yandegin Prospect - PAI

Nov 2 Uranium Climbs in Past Week as Monthly Transactions Hit Record, UxC Says - Bloomberg

Nov 2 USEC takes step closer to $2B DOE loan for centrifuge plant - OakR

Nov 2 Vena Significantly Increases Uranium Resource Estimate at Macusani - Co News

Nov 2 Urvan Plans Two Drilling Programs in 2011 - Co News

Nov 2 Strategic Resources Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement - Co News

Nov 2 CGNPC, Areva may sign uranium supply agreement - CinaK

Nov 1 Dundee positive on underlying uranium fundamentals - MiningWk

Nov 1 Cameco rises on union contract at key operations - Reuters

Nov 1 U.S. nuclear renaissance not here yet - Baltimore Sun

Nov 1 Strathmore to Sell Juniper Ridge, Wyoming, Uranium Development Project to Crosshair Exploration - Co News (Related news)

Nov 1 The Energy Report: Uranium and Mining Stocks Recovering - Co News

Nov 1 International Isotopes Inc. Announces Completion of a $5.8 Million Private Placement - Co News

Nov 1 CanAlaska Uranium Files NI 43-101 Report for Fond du Lac Project - Co News

Nov 1 Severstal Bids for Uranium Miner Berkeley Resources - Moscow Times

Oct 31 KHNP seeks Niger uranium deal - Steel Guru

Oct 30 Uranium creeps up on fad rivals: mining - Aust.WSJ

Oct 29 Paladin Energy-Settlement of Areva Proceedings - Co News

Oct 29 Uranium Resources, Inc. Prices Common Stock Offering - News

Oct 29 French, Kazakh Nuclear JV - The Moscow Times

Oct 29 Extract starts new uranium mine in Namibia - MR

Oct 28 Geordie Mark of The Energy Report: Uranium and Mining Stocks Recovering - IBTcom

Oct 28 Pancon Updates Progress on Australian Uranium Properties; Closes $625,000 Private Placement - Co News

Oct 28 Secret centre of Soviet nuclear weapons programme is now helping China - Telegraph

Oct 28 Bannerman Significantly Expands Etango Project Uranium Resource - Co News

Oct 28 Energy Ventures Acquires USA Uranium Project From Uranium One Incorporated - PAI

Oct 28 Peninsula Minerals To Source Funding For Lance Uranium Projects - PAI

Oct 28 Deep Yellow Limited (ASX:DYL) Updates Resource Estimate For Tubas-Tumas Palaeochannel Uranium Deposit In Namibia - ABN

Oct 28 Thundelarra Exploration Hits 1,798ppm Uranium In Ngalia Basin In Latest Drill Results - PAI

Oct 27 Uranium spot price continues to firm up - IF&P

Oct 27 Piketon Uranium Plant Moving Forward; 4,000 Jobs for Region - News

Oct 27 Uranium City resident worries about dust - CBC

Oct 27 Will 'Megatons To Megawatts' Solve The Uranium Supply Pinch? - McKillop

Oct 27 Russia and Ukraine sign agreement for construction of nuclear fuel plant - News (related article from AFP)

Oct 27 Rodman & Renshaw Acts as a Placement Agent to Completed $27.5 Million Financing for Uranium Energy Corp - Co News

Oct 27 Rio Tinto Says Iran Is Allowed to Keep 15% Stake in Namibian Uranium Mine - Bloomberg

Oct 27 Forte Energy NL Drilling Commenced at A238 Uranium Prospect Mauritania - Co News

Oct 27 U3O8 Corp. Extends Near-Surface Uranium Mineralization Over a 28km2 Area in the Laguna Salada Project, Argentina - Co News

Oct 27 Urcan Discovers Significant Additional Uranium Mineralization on its Pontbriand & Costebelle Claims - Co News

Oct 27 Strateco Resources Inc.: Public Hearings to Be Held on the Environmental Impact Study for the Matoush Uranium Project Underground Exploration Program - Co News

Oct 27 Khan Receives Favourable Ruling From Mongolian Appeal Court - Co News

Oct 27 EPA has approved the environmental scoping document for Mega Uranium's Lake Maitland project, south-east of Wiluna - AuBC

Oct 27 Uranium producer Paladin issues A$304-M convertible bonds - IBT

Oct 26 Kivalliq Drills "Lac Cinquante-Style" Zone 1.8 Kilometres from Main Zone; 2010 Program Totals 16,600 Metres in 107 Holes - Co News

Oct 26 Canaccord Analysis of Uranium Jr. Market and Uranium Market - PDF Report

Oct 26 The Full NI 43-101 Report for Macusani Yellowcake Corachapi Uranium Project in Peru is Now Available on SEDAR - Co News

Oct 26 Reportlinker Adds Uranium Mining Industry Outlook in the US to 2015 - Reserves, Production, Uranium Mines, Regulations and Key Companies - Pump

Oct 26 Argentina to join small group of uranium-enriching countries - TimesofIndia

Oct 25 Urcan Begins Fall Drilling Campaign on its 100% Owned Costebelle Claims - Co News

Oct 25 Environmental Scoping Document for Mega's Lake Maitland Uranium Project Approved by Environmental Protection Authority - Co News

Oct 25 Russia turns into international nuclear waste dump - BCM

Oct 25 Alamar Resources In Trading Halt Pending Acquisition Announcement - PAI

Oct 25 U3O8 Limited Awaits Olary Creek And Ardmore Drilling Results In November - PAI

Oct 25 Nuclear Renaissance: Uranium Miners Nearing Production in Wyoming - Handwerger

Oct 25 Callabonna Uranium (ASX:CUU) To Define Drill Targets At Denison Rare Earth/Uranium - Co News

Oct 25 Study To Guage Impact Of Uranium Mining Near NC-VA Border - Rag

Oct 25 Mantra Commences Pre-Feasability Study on Heap Leaching for Phase 2 Growth - Co News

Oct 25 Completion of Drilling Programmes at Olary Creek in South Australia and Ardmore in Queensland - U3O8 Ltd. - Co News

Oct 24 World wants uranium as much as potash - FP

Oct 22 Uranium Energy Corp Announces Private Placement - Co News

Oct 22 Denison Mines Corp. Third Quarter 2010 Results - Co News

Oct 22 Red Rock Announces Completion of Work Program and Approval of Assessment Work - Co News

Oct 21 Hathor's Roughrider East Delivers Best Hole to Date: 63.5 m of 7.75% U3O8, Including a 17.5 m Interval of 24.3% U3O8, With Assays as High as 87.2% U3O8 - Co News

Oct 21 Forum Purchases 100% Interest in Tanqueray Claims at the North Thelon Project, Nunavut - Co News

Oct 21 Cameco mine workers reach deal ahead of deadline - Reuters

Oct 21 Uranium Prices Will Advance 19% Next Year, Morgan Stanley Says - Bloomberg

Oct 21 Uranium Resources files documentation to NRC for license activation - EBR

Oct 21 Terra Ventures Inc.: Hathor's Roughrider East Delivers Best Hole to Date, Intersecting 63.5 m of 7.75 % U3O8, Including a 17.5 m Interval of 24.3 % U3O8, With Assays as High as 87.2 % U3O8 - Co News

Oct 21 Australia pushes to mine more uranium - SteelG

Oct 21 Athabasca Uranium Acquires McGregor Lake Option - Co News

Oct 21 CLP divided over uranium mine opposition - AuBC

Oct 21 High Grade Uranium Confirmed At The Uranium Equities Nabarlek Project - PAI

Oct 20 Whatever happened to uranium stocks? - MineWeb

Oct 20 Russia seeks control of Canadian nuclear company working in U.S. - theSPEC

Oct 20 First Uranium Q2 gold production jumps 56 percent - Reuters

Oct 20 Uranium Price Uptrend Forecast to Continue and Natural Gas Severely Depressed - MF

Oct 20 Uranium Resources, Inc. Submits Required Documentation to NRC to Activate License - Bradenton

Oct 20 Aura Energy Acquires GCM Resources' JV Stake To Extend West Africa Uranium Assets - PAI

Oct 19 Former EPA chief Whitman wants place for nuclear - Wash. Post

Oct 19 Russian reactors slated for Venezuela - WNN

Oct 19 Spot Uranium Price Creeps Higher - NineMSN

Oct 19 Paladin Energy Ltd.: Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending-30 September 2010 - Co News (related AAP article)

Oct 19 UK government clears path for nuclear new build - WNN

Oct 19 Toro Energy Limited (ASX:TOE) To Acquire 100% Of Dawson-Hinkler Well Uranium Project, Wiluna, WA - Co News

Oct 18 Time for a Greens U-turn on U-mining - Howard-Smith

Oct 18 Virginia Energy Resources Inc.: Preliminary Economic Assessment Indicates Outstanding Profitability Potential for the Coles Hill Uranium Project in Virginia - Co News

Oct 18 Denison Releases Final Assay Results from Wheeler River Summer Drill Program - Co News

Oct 18 Uravan Minerals Inc. - DRILL TARGETS AT OUTER RING - Co News

Oct 18 Aura Energy In A Trading Halt Pending 'Purchase' Announcement - PAI

Oct 17 Uranium spot prices drift upward but far below peak - Casper Star-Trib

Oct 16 Paladin leaves NGM offer on table - SMH

Oct 15 Uranium: The Next Gold; John Licata, chief investment strategist, Blue Phoenix, called golds rise. He tells BNN why uranium will be next - G&M

Oct 15 U3O8 Corp. Completes $7.2 Million Private Placement - Co News

Oct 15 Niger Uranium kicks off exploration drilling in Niger - PAI

Oct 15 Denison to sell White Canyon's uranium - AAP

Oct 15 White Canyon Uranium To Generate Early Revenues From Denison Mines Uranium Sales Agreement - PAI

Oct 14 Energy Fuels Acquires Additional DOE Lease in Colorado; Contracts for Consulting Support from Nuclear Industry Veteran - Co News

Oct 14 Uranium company fined $85K for burning hazardous waste in northern Saskatchwan - CB

Oct 14 Uranerz Reports Uranium Resources for Reno Creek Project - Co News

Oct 14 Titan Uranium Reports on 2010 Geo Physics - Co News

Oct 14 Tournigan Drilling Adds High-Grade Uranium Mineralization at Kuriskova - Co News

Oct 14 Vena Announces Significant NI 43-101 Uranium Resource at Macusani, Peru - Co News

Oct 14 Cauldron Energy shares rise on more significant uranium at Yanrey - SteelG

Oct 14 Ukraine ready to develop fruitful energy cooperation with EU - YP

Oct 14 Ukraine may build power stations in Kazakhstan - KyivPost

Oct 13 Kivalliq Receives Additional High Grade Uranium Assay Results from Lac Cinquantea - Co News

Oct 13 Epangelo wants chunk of uranium - Nambian

Oct 13 French minister visits Mongolia to promote nuclear energy cooperation - Peoples Daily

Oct 13 ERA cuts uranium output target, will buy spot - Reuters

Oct 13 Fission Assays Continue to Confirm High Grade Uranium Mineralization at J-Zone - Co News

Oct 13 Strathmore Updates Roca Honda, New Mexico Uranium Development Project - Co News

Oct 13 Pitchstone Reports Namibia Uranium Drilling Analyses - Co News

Oct 12 Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Leaves The Pack - IBT

Oct 12 ERA Cuts 2010 Output Guidance; Says Profit Will Be Hit - DJ

Oct 12 Paladin's bungling puts it between a rock and a hard place - Bus WSJ Aust

Oct. 12 Uranium Market Heats Up - FNArena

Oct 11 Study shows feasibility of Marenica project - WNN

Oct 11 New Kind of Uranium Could Power Your Car - ABC

Oct 10 Elliott Gue Selectively Plays Uranium and Gas - The Energy Rep.

Oct 9 Impact Minerals announces final infill drill results at the Lekobolo Uranium deposit - SteelG

Oct 8 Ukraine joins International Uranium Enrichment Center in Russia - Peoples Daily

Oct 8 FORTE ENERGY NL: Opertional Update - Co News

Oct 8 Energy Ventures Shareholders To Receive African Energy Shares - PAI

Oct 8 Northern Uranium raises A$9,5m for uranium, rare-earth prospecting - CMMiningWk

Oct 7 Uranium Resources, Inc. Regains Compliance with NASDAQ Minimum Bid Price Requirement - Co News

Oct 7 Thorium a strong rival - TheAsut

Oct 7 Thundelarra Exploration Recommences Uranium Drilling At Pine Creek Orogen Australia - PAI

Oct 6 Will the nuclear fuel bank open for business? By Dan Yurman - Energy Collective

Oct 6 South Korea Plans to Lend $10 Billion for U.A.E. Nuclear Plants - Bloomberg

Oct 6 Russia boosts nuclear fuel exports - WNN

Oct 6 Titan Uranium Continues Baseline Environmental at Sheep Mountain Project, Wyoming - Co News

Oct 6 NPC, Uranium Corp to form JV to acquire uranium mines abroad - Bus Std

Oct 5 4 GOP leaders warn of uranium mine sale - Washington Times

Oct 5 New Colorado uranium regulations take hold - TN

Oct 5 N Sask. Uranium mine workers back strike - StarP

Oct 5 Uranex to raise money for Mkuju - theWestAust.

Oct 5 Uranium Prices Creeping Higher - FNAreana

Oct 5 Kalahari Minerals Skimming Lower Dispite Attracting Big Names - IC

Oct 5 Uranex Corporate Update - Co News

Oct 5 Uranex to undertake rights issue - AAP

Oct 4 Paladin upgrades Namibian uranium resource - YIN

Oct 4 Paladin Energy's value rises on uranium upgrade - Bus WSJ

Oct 4 Blue Sky Identifies Three New Uranium Targets with Rio Negro Regional Airborne Survey - Co News

Oct 4 NRC Issues License to Uranium One for Moore Ranch In Situ Uranium Recovery Facility in Wyoming - NRC

Oct 4 New US uranium mine licensed - WNN

Oct 4 Solar Energy to Focus on Nuclear Energy - Co News

Oct 4 African Energy Resources to start uranium mining when metal price improves - TPO

Oct 3 Resource super profit tax - Australia mining tax still far from settled - SteelG

Oct 2 Uranium Has ‘Significant Risk’ of Higher Prices, Macquarie Says - Bloomberg

Oct 2 BHP to expand Olympic Dam in 3 phases - Steel G

Oct 2 EFR Accumulates Uranium Pouns and continues Uravan Mineral Belt Consolidation - Co News


Oct 1 Paladin upgrades Langer Heinrich - Aust News

Oct 1 A future energy giant? India’s thorium-based nuclear plans - Physorg

Oct 1 Cameco asks NT govt for further clarifications on uranium reversal - AustIBT

Oct 1 Southern Cross Exploration To Acquire Tanzania Uranium Exploration Licences - PAI

Oct 1 Resource Capital Research -- September Quarter 2010: Global Uranium Companies - RCR Promo

Oct 1 New Rules Take Effect For Colorado Uranium Mines - CBS

Sep 30 Namibian Uranium Output Rose in Second Quarter on Demand From China, India - Bloomberg

Sep 30 Uranium – is it set to fuel the nuclear renaissance? - Nuc Eng

Sep 30 Macusani Yellowcake Announces High Grade Discovery at Kihitian Uranium Property, Peru - Co News

Sep 30 Nuvia gets foothold in Indian market - WNN

Sep 30 Russian reactor down for life extension work - WNN

Sep 30 Uranium Stocks Turn In Explosive Third-Quarter Gains - IndiR

Sep 30 Global uranium supply seen increasing in H2 - CMMiningWkly

Sep 30 Uranium Energy Corp Announces Major Advance with Permitting for Goliad ISR Project in South Texas - Co News

Sep 30 Rockgate Intercepts 0.95% U3O8 and 112.5 g/T Silver over 4.0 metres at Falea Project, Mali, West Africa - Co News

Sep 30 Hathor Exploration Limited: Fall Drill Program Underway at Russell Lake - Co News

Sep 30 Deep Yellow Limited (ASX:DYL) Identifies High-Grade Subset In Existing JORC Resources At Tubas In Namibia - News

Sep 29 Uranium spot price slips - IF&P

Sep 29 Paladin exiting NGM deal immaterial: analyst - FP

Sep 29 Athabasca Uranium Announces Private Placement - Co News

Sep 29 Sri Lanka to Establish its First Nuclear Power Plant - AV

Sep 29 Test Pit Program for Mega's Lake Maitland Uranium Project Approved by WA Government - Co News

Sep 29 Paladin Energy Ltd: Angela JV-Statement of Northern Territory Government - Co News

Sep 29 Blue Sky Extends Uranium Mineralization in Phase II drilling at ANIT - Co News

Sep 29 Uranium supply won't be constraint to nuclear growth – Cameco chief - CMMiningWk

Sep 29 Minerals Council says NT blocking of Cameco uranium project is premature - AUIBT

Sep 29 United Uranium inks minerals deal with China - SteelG

Sep 29 Munger: Y-12's uranium stockpile has plenty of horsepower - Knoxnews


Sep 28 Macusani Yellowcake Announces Drill Results Along Strike at the Corachapi Uranium Property, Peru - Co News

Sep 28 Hathor Exploration Limited: More Off-Scale Radioactivity at Roughrider as Summer Program Continues to Infill and Extend Uranium Mineralization - Co NewsSep 28 NT (Austrailan) govt declares opposition on planned Cameco uranium site in Alice Springs - IBT

Sep 28 CanAlaska Uranium Reports on Cree East Summer Drill Program - Co News

Sep 27 Fission Energy J-Zone Expands by 25% as Summer Program Concludes - Dundee Capital

Sep 27 BHP May Consider Phased Olympic Dam Mine Expansion, Review Says - Bloomberg

Sep 27 Solar Energy Options Major Uranium Prospect in the Athabasca Basin - Co News

Sep 27 Homeland Energy Completes $29 Million Debt Financing - Co News

Sep 27 Russia Atomic Company Rosatom to Triple Sales by 2030 - Bloomberg

Sep 27 Contract signed for Tianwan phase 2 - WNN

Sep 27 Russia expects Bulgaria to re-launch construction on Belene nuclear power plant - Echo

Sep 27 Nuclear Corp in talks with GE Hitachi for six atomic reactors: report - IIFL

Sep 27 Fission Summer Drill Program Successfully Expands J-Zone to Approximately 120m x 50m Remains Open in All Directions; Hole WAT10-111D Identifies More Off-Scale Radioactivity - Co News

Sep 27 JNR Announces Completion of Airborne Gravity Survey on the Snowbird-South Dufferin Projects - Co News

Sep 26 Power Up Your Portfolio With Uranium - Mercenary Trader

Sep 24 Mega Uranium begins drilling at Australian Kintyre uranium rocks - EBR

Sep 24 Uranium Equities Unveils Uranium Hits Of 2.3% At Nabarlek In Northern Territory - PAI

Sep 23 Congo and Areva in uranium exploration talks - Reuters

Sep 23 JNR Announces Completion of Airborne Gravity Survey on the Crackingstone Project - Co News

Sep 23 CanAlaska reports results of Athabasca Basin uranium exploration surveys - NFE

Sep 23 Pancon Updates Progress on Australian Uranium Properties; Phase 2 Drilling Has Begun at Charley Creek and Is About to Begin at Chilling - Co News

Sep 23 Big things predicted for SA's Mullaquana project - Australian WSJ

Sep 23 Uranium SA Triples Uranium Resource In South Australia - PAI

Sep 23 All quiet on the uranium front - Australian Bus WSJ

Sep 22 Uranium Miners Need 25% U3O8 Price Advance for Expansion Incentive, Rio Says - Bloomberg

Sep 22 France's Areva in spotlight over Niger kidnap warnings - Africasia

Sep 22 Terra Firma Provides Update on Restigouche Uranium Property - Co News

Sep 22 Mega Commences Drilling Near Cameco-Mitsubishi's Kintyre Uranium Resource - Co News

Sep 21 Colo.: Uranium mine threatens reservoir - UPI

Sep 21 Uranium Prices at 10-Month High Attract Hedge Funds, Investors, UxC Says - Bloomberg

Sep 21 Russia signs cooperation agreement with Kuwait - Co News

Sep 21 UEX Outlines the 58B Deposit and Expands Mineralization at the Kianna Deposit, Including Intercepts of 12.40% eU(3)O(8) Over 3.7 Metres and 1.39% eU(3)O(8) Over 34.3 Metres - Co News

Sep 21 Toro Energy's uranium project near Wiluna has cleared another environmental hurdle - AuBC

Sep 20 Uranium mine seeks new well permit - Rapid CityJ

Sep 20 Australian Greens want uranium taxed in challenge for Ms Gillard - SeelG

Sep 20 EPA backs Toro's uranium mine paper - SMH

Sep 20 Australasia Consolidated raises A$1.7m, seeks acquisition opportunities - PAI

Sep 19 Hard-won lessons for Cameco at Cigar Lake - Operator forced to find ways to keep water out of high-grade uranium mine - Province

Sep 17 Australian Uranium has a key role in meeting global energy solutions: uranium miner - Peoples Daily

Sep 17 Uranium plentiful for nuclear power plants: MIT - PennE

Sep 17 Party row looms in WA Labor over uranium - Perth

Sep 17 Toro Energy Limited (ASX:TOE): Australian Uranium Has A Key Role In Meeting Global Energy Solutions - ABN Newswire

Sep 16 7 French workers connected to Areva kidnapped in Niger - UPI

Sep 16 Pele Mountain Reports Progress at Eco Ridge Mine Uranium and Rare Earth Elements Project - Co News

Sep 16 NI 43-101 for Macusani Yellowcake 100%-Owned Colibri 2&3 Uranium Project in Puno, Peru - Co News

Sep 16 Uranium Resources, Inc. Clears Significant Legal Challenge in New Mexico - Co News

Sep 16 Kazatomprom Aims to Increase Uranium Production by 29% - Bloomberg

Sep 16 NI 43-101 for Macusani Yellowcake 100%-Owned Colibri 2&3 Uranium Project in Puno, Peru Is Now Available on SEDAR - Co News

Sep 16 Cameco Buys Uranium as Investment to Capitalize on Price Slump - Bloomerg

Sep 16 Party row looms in WA Labor over uranium - Perth

Sep 15 Credit Suisse to advise UAE on nuclear project -ENEC - Reuters

Sep 15 Bayswater: Drilling Starts at Kilgore Dog Bone Ridge Gold Target - Co News

Sep 15 China to import 8 500 t/y of uranium by 2020, eyeing acquisitions - CMW

Sep 15 Brighton Energy Commences Uranium Exploration in Niger - Co News

Sep 15 International Enexco Limited: Drilling Update at Mann Lake Uranium Project Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan - Co News

Sep 15 Trend Reversal in Uranium? - TG

Sep 15 Uranium study group to meet in Danville in December - Star Trib

Sep 14 Liability law puts India's nuclear future in doubt - EC

Sep 14 Mexico Delays Decision on New Nuclear Plants as Gas Price Falls - Bloomberg

Sep 14 Judge OKs drilling at uranium mine in Manti-La Sal National Forest - Utah News

Sep 14 Pitchstone Completes Namibia & Athabasca Uranium Drilling - Co News

Sep 14 Uranerz Installs New Monitor Wells at Jane Dough Project - Co News

Sep 14 Greenland clears the way for uranium exploration - IFP

Sep 14 Paladin Seeks Global Assets to Expand Uranium Output - Bloomberg

Sep 14 Spot Uranium Market Zooming In ON US$50 - FNarena

Sep 14 Greens outdated on uranium: miners - SMH

Sep 14 Paladin closer to securing NGM Resources - WAB

Sep 14 Deep Yellow Limited (ASX:DYL) High Grade Uranium Mineralisation Extended To Two Kilometres Strike Length In Namibia - Co News

Sep 14 U.S. holding 324 metric tons of bomb-grade uranium, report says - LA Times

Sep 13 Kuwait to announce launch of nuclear program this year - TheJP

Sep 13 Greenland clears way for uranium study - WNN

Sep 13 Cigar Lake getting back on track - Leader Post

Sep 13 Greens fight Labor on uranium - theAustNatAf

Sep 13 Power Investing - Uranium joins commodity bubble? - WSJ

Sep 12 Nunavut residents want inquiry into uranium mine - CTV

Sep 11 Turning Russian Nukes into U.S. Energy - Time

Sep 10 Uranium prices to double in next year, says analyst - NuclearEng

Sep 10 Forget about oil: We’re running out of URANIUM - article

Sep 10 Cameco puts support behind Uranium transport hub - AustMining

Sep 9 The Mongols ride to new highs - Globe & Mail

Sep 9 URI breaks ground in exploratory drilling - NewMex

Sep 9 EnergySolutions Celebrates Operational Readiness Review at DUF6 Conversion Facility - Co News

Sep 9 Uranium spot price soars about $2.50/lb, partly on demand spike - Platts

Sep 9 Australia uranium industry concerned over new govt - Reuters

Sep 9 High grade uranium assays found at Rossing South Zone 5 - Extract Resources - MineWeb

Sep 9 Australia uranium industry concerned over new govt - Reuters

Sep 8 Greens threaten blue over yellowcake - WNN

Sep 8 Macusani Yellowcake Announces Significant NI 43-101 Uranium Resources at Corachapi Property at Macusani, Peru - Co News

Sep 8 American Energy Fields, Inc. Enters Into Letter of Intent to Acquire Breccia Pipe Uranium Targets of the Arizona Strip - Co News

Sep 8 Canadians take on BHP in uranium mine race - SMH

Sep 8 Extract Resources Plans 2014 Production Start at Namibia Uranium Mine, an Industrial Info News Alert - Co News

Sep 8 Spot U3O8 Market Kicks To Live In September - 9msn

Sep 7 NWT Uranium Corp. Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute - Co News

Sep 7 Mawson Announces NI43-101 Compliant Inferred Resource of 3.27M LBS @ 0.074% U(3)O(8) - Co News

Sep 7 Fission J-Zone Vertical Step-Out Intersects 12m of 5.95% U308 at Unconformity, Including 6m Grading 11.71% U308 - Co News

Sep 7 Rosatom's subsidiary uses stakes in Kazakh mines in Uranium One deal - RIA

Sep 7 Kivalliq Updates on Lac Cinquante Phase 2 Drilling - Co News

Sep 7 Fresh Capital in the Uranium Fuel Race - NYT

Sep 7 Over 30 Countries Aspire for Nuclear Power - GP

Sep 6 Jordan, Japan to Sign Nuclear Cooperation Agreement This Week - Bloomberg

Sep 03 Namibia Uranium Mine May Ship $700 Million a Year, Extract Resources Says - Bloomberg

Sep 03 Calypso Earns 50% Interest and Enters Into Joint Venture on Wyoming Potential in Situ Recovery Uranium Exploration Property - Co News

Sep 3 Extract Resources CEO Predicts Higher Uranium Price - PAI

Sep 3 Northern Uranium To Raise A$6.6m For Gardiner Tanami Uranium Project - PAI

Sep 3 Indonesia Edges Closer Toward Uranium Mining And Nuclear Power - MineWeb

Sep 2 Areva Reports on Waseco's Labrador Trough Uranium Prospects - Co News

Sep 2 Paladin Energy Ltd Lodges Formal Bidders Statement Regarding Takeover Offer for NGM Resources Limited - Co News

Sep 2 China, Russia agree to expand nuclear power cooperation - Reuters

Sep 2 Tigris Uranium corp. Commences Trading as "TU" on the TSX-V - Co News

Sep 2 Poland revises 'unrealistic' nuclear launch date - WNN

Sep 2 Extract to develop world’s second-biggest uranium mine - CMMWk

Sep 2 Concern deal could threaten emerging uranium industry - AuBC

Sep 2 CNNC, China-Africa Dev't Fund to develop uranium in Africa - CK

Sep 1 Spot uranium price dives before making recovery - Platts

Sep 1 Uranium market cools after July heat - IFP

Sep 1 CADF signs extraction deal for uranium - Peoples Daily

Sep 1 UK partnership for major components - WNN

Sep 1 Uranium Recoveries in Excess of 99% Using Ion Exchange (IX) Technology Upon Uranium-Loaded Acid Solutions From the Leaching of the Macusani Uranium Ores, Puno, Peru - Co News

Sep 1 Northern Uranium In Trading Halt For Capital Raising - PAI

Sep 1 Uranium Resources, Inc. to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference - Co News

Sep 1 First Uranium Recovery License in 20 Years to Be Issued To Moore Ranch in Wyoming - NSt

Sep 1 Terra Ventures Inc.: Hathor Extends Roughrider East 60 m to the East as Summer Drill Program Progresses - Co News

Aug 31 Uranium One shareholders approve sale of controlling stake to Russia's ARMZ - CP

Aug 31 Paladin Energy Targets First Uranium Deliveries to China in 2011, CEO Says - Bloomberg

Aug 31 First Uranium halts uranium plant after equipment failure - CMMiningWk

Aug 31 Chinese VVERs start using domestically made fuel - WNN

Aug 31 Financial demands before German nuclear operators - WNN

Aug 31 Pancon Completing the 50% Earn-In on Its Australian Uranium Properties; Plans to Raise Up to $625,000 - Co News

Aug 31 First Uranium Temporarily Closes Ezulwini Uranium Plant for Column Replacement - Co News

Aug 31 Kazakhstan ministry approves ARMZ Canada Uranium One deal - SteelG

Aug 31 Confusing Signals From U3O8 Market - 9msn

Aug 31 African Energy Resources Extends Uranium Mineralisation At Chisebuka - PAI

Aug 30 Nuclear boom shines light on Canada uranium miners - Reuters

Aug 30 Nuclear boom bodes well for Canadian uranium miners - MineWeb

Aug 30 Uranium Energy Corp Completes Phase One of Wellfield Development at Palangana in South Texas - Co News

Aug 30 Denison's Wheeler River Summer Drill Program Completed; Confirms Continuity of Mineralization on Phoenix Trend - Co News

Aug 30 Uranium Price Dominates Paladin's Prospects - 9msn

Aug 30 Uranium Equities Inks Key JV In Frome Basin Uranium Province - PAI

Aug 29 Uranium One Receives Kazakh MINT Approval for the ARMZ Transaction and for the Conversion of its 2015 Convertible Debentures - Co News

Aug 27 China's nuclear power capacity to see 7-fold increase in next 10 years - Peoples Daily

Aug 27 Will Australian uranium begin to flow to India? - MineWeb

Aug 27 Paladin Energy Ltd: 30 June 2010 APPENDIX 4E Preliminary Financial Report - Co News

Aug 27 Lynas Corporation acquires stake in Northern Uranium - SteelG

Aug 27 IMX wants Uranex directors ousted - AAP

Aug 27 Paladin Energy books $US52.9m loss - aap

Aug 26 Work to begin on 6 nuclear plants in XIth Plan period - NK

Aug 26 Uranium drilling to begin in northwest NM - AP

Aug 26 U3O8 Corp. Confirms Continuity of Uranium, Vanadium & Phosphate Mineralization Over 3km in Sandstones in the Berlin Project, Colombia - Co News

Aug 25 Spot uranium price starts to slide; falls below $46/lb - platts

Aug 25 Mubarak decides on the site of Egypt's first nuclear power plant - AP

Aug 25 Uranium Resources, Inc. to Begin Drilling in Historic Grants Mineral Belt - Co News

Aug 25 Rosatom eyes U.S., Canadian uranium ventures - Peoples Daily

Aug 25 Toro Energy Limited (ASX:TOE) Completes Excavation Of Mineralised Sample At Its Wiluna Uranium Project - Co News

Aug 24 Rosatom's Kirienko Sees Nuclear `Renaissance,' Demand Doubling by 2030 - Bloomberg

Aug 24 Sudan plans four-reactor nuclear power plant - Reuters

Aug 24 Commodities get boost from U.S. slump - Deadmonton Journal

Aug 24 American Energy Fields, Inc. Appoints Clive Bailey as Senior Geologist - Globe Newswire

Aug 24 Ex-Russian PM reassures Uranium One shareholders - Globe Investor

Aug 24 Khan Resources demands $300Mln from Russian ARMZ - News

Aug 24 Bayswater Receives Drilling Permit & Commences Drilling of Monitoring Wells at Reno Creek Project, Wyoming - Co News

Aug 24 Fission Energy Corp.: Expenditures at Waterbury Lake Double to $30 Million Over Three Years - Co News

Aug 24 A nuclear ‘living laboratory’ - TFP

Aug 24 Groundbreaking for new Rajasthan units - WNN

Aug 24 White Canyon Uranium unveils maiden JORC resource - SteelG

Aug 23 Impact Minerals identifies large uranium targets in Botswana - MineWeb

Aug 23 Work begins on UAE's nuclear future - TheNational

Aug 23 Deep Yellow Limited (ASX:DYL) Records Additional Significant Uranium Intercepts in Alaskite in Namibia - Co News

Aug 23 Bayswater: Drill Results From Collins Bay Extension Project in Athabasca Basin - Co News

Aug 23 Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Well Ahead Of Goldman Sachs and Investment Community In Pursuing Uranium Boom - IBT

Aug 23 Pitchstone Begins Uranium Drilling Program in Namibia - Co News

Aug 23 DJ Uranium Resources: Hole 2 Of Phase 1 Drilling At Mtonya Prospect Completed - Co News

Aug 23 River groups concerned over uranium appointments - Daily Rag

Aug 22 Egypt to build first nuke power plant - UPI

Aug 20 Namibia: Country Could Become Largest Uranium Produce - allAf

Aug 20 Goldman Sachs Goes Nuclear, May Sell Uranium: Report - Huffington Post

Aug 20 CanAlaska Uranium Reports Drill Results From Collins Bay Extension Project - Co News

Aug 20 Study into uranium impact on water 'desperate' - AuBC

Aug 19 Ukraine signs deal on 10% stake in Siberian uranium center - RIA

Aug 19 Rockgate Intersects 6m @ 1.34% U3O8 at Falea Project, Mali, West Africa - Co News

Aug 19 White Canyon Announces Initial JORC Estimate of Daneros Deposit - Co News

Aug 19 Tribunal withdraws charges against First Uranium accountant - EN

Aug 18 A-Cap: radiometric sorting reports positive on Letlhakane uranium - MineWeb

Aug 18 Quebec protesters seek ban on uranium mining - Reuters

Aug 18 BHP works hard to boost profile in Sask - Globe Investor

Aug 18 Pitchstone Confirms New Uranium Occurrence at Wolverine - Co News

Aug 18 International Uranium Conference in Saskatoon - News

Aug 18 Cameco profit falls as it cuts uranium sales forecast - SteelG

Aug 18 Uranium mine 'backflip' call - NTN

Aug 17 Uranium spot price on plateau as signs of retreat appear - Platts

Aug 17 The work program continues the target selection and prospect evaluation process started in 2008 and will focus on assessing newly identified geophysical anomalies in preparation for an anticipated Fall 2010 drilling program - Co News

Aug 17 UK scientists call for global nuclear renaissance - ZN

Aug 17 Fission Energy Corp.: Western Vertical Step-Out Drilling at Fission's Waterbury Lake Project Expands & Widens J-Zone-Latest Results Include 2.24m of "Off-Scale" Radioactivity - Co News

Aug 17 Mining opponents camp at Que. national assembly - Co News

Aug 17 Cauldron Energy Discovers New High Grade Uranium At Yanrey Project - PAI

Aug 17 Peninsula Minerals Boosts Uranium Resource By 67% At Lance Projects - PAI

Aug 17 S.Korean Consortium to Explore Canadian Uranium Block 2ND Time - Co News

Aug 16 GoviEx Uranium Announces Completion of a Secondary Financing for Additional Exploration Program in Niger - Co News

Aug 16 First Uranium to meet with Competition Tribunal - Co News

Aug 16 Kepco Partners to Develop Spanish Uranium - ITT

Aug 16 Construction of Chinese 'Nuclear City' to start - WNN

Aug 16 Rössing South nears production - by Toivo Ndjebela - NE

Aug 16 Niger Uranium Posts Full-Year Profit - Quick Facts - RTT

Aug 16 Cameco Edges Higher as Credit Suisse Lwrs Estimates, Keeps Neutral Rating and $30 Target Price - News

Aug 16 The reality of nuclear energy is inconsistent with dreams of a renaissance - Gurdian

Aug 16 Energy Ventures Pegs New Claims At Virgin Valley Uranium Project - PAI

Aug 16 Cameco, BHP vie for WA uranium - SMH

Aug 13 Finnish poll shows continued support for nuclear - WNN

Aug 13 Terra Ventures ends Que. uranium project: report - CBC

Aug 13 Polo Resources Limited ("Polo Resources", "Polo" or "the Company") - Polo completes sale of interest in Extract for AUD157.9 million - Co News

Aug 13 Cameco Reports Second Quarter Earnings - Co News

Aug 13 4 Ways to Play China's Energy Stance - TheSt

Aug 13 Colorado agency approves new rules to protect groundwater during uranium mining - AP

Aug 13 Cameco Profit Exceeds Estimates as Uranium Sales Fall Less Than Projected - Bloomberg

Aug 13 ITOCHU Corporation Completes Acquisition of Interest in Extract Resources Limited - Co News

Aug 13 Fission Energy Sells Wynbring Project Uranium Rights For A$350,000 - PAI

Aug 13 Innovative uranium and ferronickel processing emerges - CMW

Aug 12 Raisama encouraged by new high grade uranium at Kashkasu II JV - SteelG

Aug 12 2 million tons taken from Moab waste pile - AP

Aug 12 Tighter Colorado mining rules will be 'fatal' to uranium mining, company says; enviros applaud - DBJ

Aug 12 Powertech urges rejection of water testing rule - Colo

Aug 12 Uranium: Growth prospects for the new Green metal - ALBUQUERQUE Geo

Aug 11 Uravan Stakes Second Land Position - Co News

Aug 11 Resource boost at Rössing South - WNN

Aug 11 Sparton Provides Further Information and Clarification on its Recently Announced Vanadium-Uranium Acquisition in China - Co News

Aug 11 The Case for Nuclear Power - Neatorama

Aug 11 Extract raises Namibia uranium resource estimate - Reuters (related article: Extract Says Uranium Deposit in Namibia Could Be the World's Sixth Largest - Bloomberg)

Aug 11 Kepco partners to develop Spanish uranium - WNN

Aug 11 Uranium One ups 2010 production forecast - BR

Aug 11 Kivalliq Mobilizes Second Drill Rig to Lac Cinquante - Co News

Aug 11 Laramide Announces Start of Drill Program at Westmoreland and ANSTO Metallurgical Studies - Co News